Career Devolpment

Freedom Mullins


My family is; chaotic with my parents being divorced, I live with my mom and step dad most of the time, and my dad and brother every other weekend and Wednesdays. I have a nineteen year old sister who's in the Marines and lives with her mom so I don't get to see her much, my older brother is twenty one and my younger brother is eight.


I enjoy reading, writing, playing the viola, going places and being around people. Because I do like reading and writing so much I feel like I would be a good author.

Personality Traits

My personality can be described as, outgoing, social, according to Myers and Briggs results I am a campaigner. Extroverted, Intuitive, I feel more than I think, and prospecting, assertive.


Psychologist, actor, author, photographer, and waiter.


I am good at, writing, solving problems, and helping people with personal problems.

Multiple Intelligence

My strongest multiple intelligence was verbal and interpersonal. Careers that match these intelligence are, writer, librarian, and language translator. For intrapersonal they were, psychologist, criminologist, and writer.


My top three life values are, adventures, loyal, and courageous.

My top three work values are, Open minded, creative, and optimistic.

Career Cluster

My top three career clusters were Health science, Human science, Arts, Audio, Video, Technology, and Communications. Careers that they fall under are, Psychology, criminology, and Orchestra director or actor.


Activitys that I am involved in at school are orchastra, and I have no activitys outside of school unless reading and playing video games count.

Ways to Improve

I could improve on having less stress, do more things, and make a better relationship with my family

It's all good

I like to help people and make things better, I can cook well and I know how to play an instrument.

My future

Someday I'm going to go on a road trip, learn Latin and or French, move out of this town, go to collage, and get a degree in psychology.