Bement heads into space

Mini-term 2014

3..2..1..Blast off!

We are looking forward to exploring the universe with you from December 2-19th.

Because the topic is so vast, we have focused on three themes:

  • Astronomy
  • Life as an astronaut
  • The International Space Station and international relations

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Kick off with Astronaut Cady Coleman!

We are incredibly fortunate to count among our parents a NASA astronaut.

Cady Coleman will speak at the all-school kick off assembly on December, 2.

Learn more about Cady Coleman here.

All-School Field Trip

The entire school will board buses for the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, CT on Thursday, December 11. We will spend the day exploring the exhibits, viewing a film and participating in a scavenger hunt.
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National treasures!

View meteorites and lunar materials on loan from the Johnson Space Center in the library. Learn more about the lunar surface and craters through hands-on experiments and presentations.
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Visit a local Planetarium

Classes will visit the Tanoto Planetarium at the Koch Center at Deerfield Academy.

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A galaxy of resources

Check out the great resources on the mini-term resource page. Filled with interactives, information, games and videos you will find interesting ideas to use with your students. A terrific collection of books, too!

Four cross-divisional collaboratives

We have planned four fun and engaging activities:

  • Creating a space-themed flip book
  • Drawing Pastel Galaxies
  • Lunar Lander Challenge
  • Robotic Arm Challenge

Locations and grouping will be announced soon.

Plus activities to participate in as a class:

Have an iPad?

There are many apps available on the topic of space. Here are three free ones you may want to download to use with your students.

Your mini-term committee

Emily Lent, Madeline Surgenor, Ross Feitlinger, Theresa Mullens, Kara Low, Deb Stewart-Pettengill, Jim Snedeker and Marcia Bernard