Blue Room Floral Arrangement

By Alyssa

7 Facts

  1. The blue room was designed by Architect James Hoban in 1792.
  2. This room was known by its shape - "Elliptical", "Oval", or "Circular" - until the color was changed to blue in 1837
  3. When it was completely furnished by First Lady Dolley Madison, the Blue Room became the principal formal drawing room of the White House.
  4. Although most of this suite was sold at auction in 1860, eight original pieces have been returned to the room since 1961.
  5. Although special meetings, luncheons, and dinners have been held in the room, it continues to be used for the purpose first intended - the formal reception room of the White House.
  6. Family events include the June 2, 1886 wedding of Grover Cleveland, the only President to marry in the White House. Since 1961,
  7. The White House Christmas tree has almost always been placed in the center of the room.
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What I Used

A vase



Floral scissors

Floral foam

Flower food

Roses- Mass flower

Daisies- Form flower

Carnations- Filler flower

Bluebonnets- Line flower