South America roud trip

by:Jesus Alberto Mejorado Moreno


the first country i went to is brazil i went to the rio de janerio and i saw the statue jesus

and i went to the beach it called taipus de fora , bahia and i went to the soccer stadium in brazil near the jesus statue. the population is 204,464,130.and the earning is


Brazil Average Salaries & Expenditures


Average Employment Income Average Salary per Job Average Salary per Sector Total Personal Average Income Consumption Expenditure

Workforce Composition Vacation Time Exchange Rates Cost of Living References

Average Employment Income


annual, per worker, incl. dependent & self employment

Disposable(1) Gross(2)






constant 2005 US$ at PPP

current reals

(1) Based on gross employment average income and non-consumption expenditure per worker.

(2) Based on salary & business average income per capita and proportion of workforce to total population.

Source:Pesquisa de Orcamentos Familiares [29], 2002-2003.

Average Salary in Brazil - Job and Sector Comparison.

Job Net Monthly Income constant 2005 US$ (1)Notes Gross MonthlyAverage Income (2)CompulsoryDeductions (3)WeeklyHours (4)

Airline Pilot average incomePPP $ 4,851$ 1,913Employees, 2001.