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Library Centers & Maker Space!

Students at Calvin Coolidge have the opportunity to engage in hands on learning and creation when they visit the library. Mrs. Merrill has set up learning stations that students can self-select, based on their interests. Some of the centers include:

* "Question of the Week" - engage in research process to locate information
* "Estimation Station" - practice math skills to determine the correct number of items on display
* "Bookmark Creation" - create various styles & designs of bookmarks
* "Reading Buddies," - read with a book character
* "Storytelling/Drama" - dramatize & retell stories & poems
* "Puzzles" - construct, cooperate & problem solve

Stay tuned to read about more!

Please consider making a donation to help us with our Library Centers & Maker Spaces! We are looking for:

* Ribbon
* stickers
* miscellaneous art supplies
* puzzles

Thank You!