Don Brewer Gifted Newsletter

The Jubilant Week of January 12

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New Topics of Study Abound!

One way in which the work we do in the gifted classroom differs from the general education setting is that we spend much of our year exploring themed units of instruction. This allows students to study a dynamic subject in depth, expressing themselves in a variety of medium including creative writing, visual art, and dramatics in addition to all of our critical thinking work that ties it all together.

To kick off 2015 our first and second grade poets are now archaeologists, our third graders who dove into the study of people who devote their careers to the arts are now at the beginning of their journeys to become chess Grand Masters. Fourth graders have moved from cartography to the Medieval Era and fifth graders learn to manage money and the responsibilities that having a (simulated) family brings.

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Ms. D-M is coming to YOUR school!

During the upcoming CGA testing window Ms. David-Massett will be hitting the road! 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students will remain with their classes at their home schools for regular CGA testing on January 21, 22 and the 27-29. During this time period Ms. David-Massett will visit Arlington Elementary, Arlington Heights Elementary, Fort Caroline Elementary, Justina Road Elementary, Lake Lucina Elementary, Lone Star Elementary and Parkwood Heights Elementary to meet with families of gifted students as well as teachers and administrators.

If you would like to schedule a conference at your home school or take this time to visit the classroom here at Don Brewer please get in touch! Ms. David-Massett can be reached via email or at 745-4990, x259 or via email at

Dates to Remember


February 6: Field trip to see A Dinosaur Named Sue at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville

January 30: Field Trip Permission and Money Due


February 6: Field trip to see A Dinosaur Named Sue at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Gainesville

January 26: Field trip permission and Money Due

February 9: No Gifted (switch day with February 6)


January 21 and 28: No Gifted Class at Brewer


February 19: Medieval Times Orlando Field trip

February 5: Field trip money and permission due

January 22 and 29: No Gifted Class at Brewer


January 20: Field Trip to Federal Reserve

January 27: No Gifted Class at Brewer