Freezing Computers: Daily Struggle

By: Gabby and Annie

Diagnosing a Frozen Computer

What do you dislike most about computers? Almost all of humans dislike freezing- in fact, we do not know anyone who does like it. It is so annoying when you try to get on social media or even complete an assignment for school or work. For example, Jostlyn was trying to complete her homework and she needed to use a computer. However, Jostlyn did not complete her homework, due to her everyday STRUGGLE, freezing computers. When your computer is frozen- it does not "respond" or doesn't move..everything you try to click does not work.

There is Always a Cause!

Since you have a problem with your computer, you need to find the cause. Most causes of freezing computers are: the unresponsive mouse, touchpad, or the monitor. The problem might just be that the mouse needs new batteries. Always check different sources for the cause.

Overheating Computers....UGH!

Your computer overheating isn’t necessarily the fault of the user; it’s just that the CPU is really sensitive to extreme heats. When your computer starts to overheat, it performs more slowly and in many cases it can freeze.Sometimes, computers overheat and cause problems in how the computer works.
How to Troubleshoot Computer Crashes or Freezes?