Changer Incident Management Portal


CHIMP : Incidents will happens and can not be avoided.So let’s get prepare with a Changer Incident Management portal.A Fully web based application that can manage your incidents,risk,audits,reports etc.
One of the most effective way which would combine all your incidents into a single platform for managing,auditing,figuring out the root causes,analysing it and taking actions based on priority.
Its proactive approach identifies the problem even before they likely to occur and prevents from near incidents to happen.
The mobile enabled version helps to capture the real time incidents along with a proof in the form of image ,audio or video & day,date and time.

Changer Incident Portal
Manage small & large amounts of incidents

Incident reporting workflow

The incident portal allows organisations to create workflows from start to finish. From initially reporting an incident, to analysing the underlying trends across multiple incident reports.

Central web-based database

It creates an incident repository with consistent incident format, so the organisation maintains unity across their incident reports.

Integration with incident analysis tools

It’s integrated with a Changer Audit tool (CAT) which allows you to create, activate and manage all audits in your organization in a single database.

Reporting leads to an improvement in safety performance.It identifies the root causes of an incident and suggest a remedial action.

Advantages page :
  • Handles complete incident reporting,analysing,workflow, auditing etc
  • Captures the live incident happening with the help of mobile enabled platform.Also capture the real time information like time, day and date and notify others quickly.
  • Very useful tool for avoiding the near misses and unsafe conditions to occur and avoid the repeat incidents.This leads to save on insurance premiums and other losses.
  • Suggest to take the corrective actions every time.
  • Helps in giving short term temporary solutions in unsafe conditions.
  • User friendly application and easy to handle.
  • Easy to track documentation related to an incidents.
  • Can attach all types of documents,videos ,audios and any kind of files.
  • Send notifications,alerts,reminders etc periodically.
  • Can prioritize & categorized the work.
  • Generate instant reports which can be used for various means like insurance, auditing etc.
  • Give employees a chance to communicate their views in the company with the help of integrated secure social portal.
  • Ability to integrate with any other applications or processes.
  • Mobile enabled workflow will allow the user to handle the task assigned to him from anywhere.
  • Automatic notification helps to take preventive measures before the incident happens.

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