Parent NewsLetter

Hopscotch A B C &1 2 3

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Homemade toys are easy to make. I will give you information on how to make a matching game that will perfect for toddlers ages 1-2. The matching game Hopscotch match can be using recycle materials that you already have around the house and will take less than 30 minutes to create.

Materials and Instructions

1 Oatmeal container

14 Popsicle sticks

Newspaper or magazine




Alphabet and number stickers

1.Make sure the oatmeal container is empty and clean

2.Decorate the oatmeal container with newspaper or magazine of your choice use a little glue and put it on the outside of the oatmeal container and begin wrapping the newspaper/magazines around the oatmeal container.

3.Gather 7 popsicle sticks and place one alphabet stickers on then add number stickers 1-7 on each stick.

4. If stickers are not available use a marker to write the alphabet and numbers.

5.Take the oatmeal container plastic top off and cut different size slits on top by using scissors.

Sensorimotor Stage (Jean Piaget)

Initially equipped with a set of reflex movements and a set of perceptual systems, an infant quickly begins to build up direct knowledge of the world through trial and error learning. Through the processes of assimilation and accommodation actions become progressively adapted to the world.

Age Appropriate

Age appropriate for toddlers ages 1-2 years old. This toy is great for promoting fine motor skills,eye and hand coordination,gross motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, and introducing alphabet and numbers


The children will know their numbers and alphabets

Also know their colors

Lastly having fun learning at the same time