The One And Only Ivan

By:Katherine Applegate


Ivan- is a big gorilla in a shopping mall that has been there for a long time thinking he can be free.

Ruby-is an elephant who is best friends with Ivan she was taken from the wild she is forced to do everything they tell her to do

Stella-is an elephant and is Rubys mom

Bob-is a dog that is in the mall alone and is friends with Ivan


Setting-is in a big mall were Ivan is in a cage and wishing he could be free in the jungle.

Setting-is in the jungle.


The conflict is that Ivan is trying to get to the jungle but the have him in a cage locked up an he can't find the way to get out


1.I like colorful tales with black begnnngs and stormy middles and cloudless blue-sky endings.BUT ENY STORY WILL DO.

2.Growing up gorilla is like any other kind of growing up.YOU MAKE play you doit all over again.

3.Memories are precious.THEY HELP HELP TELL US WHO WE ARE.