FND PEN & Family STAR Collaboration

FND PEN is hosting a series of webinars with the Central Florida Autism Community on the last Thursday of every month. We will have a wide variety of topics related to special education, advocacy, and self-care.

This month's webinar will be on Thursday, September 29th, 2022 from 8.30 pm till 9.30 pm on Zoom. Register in advance to join on zoom. After the workshop, there will be an opportunity to ask questions on zoom.

The guest speaker for this month will Lisa Math, Director of FND Family S.T.A.R.

Workshop Summary

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD) symptoms may begin in childhood and continue into adulthood. ADHD and ADD symptoms, such as hyperactivity, impulsiveness, and inattentiveness, can cause difficulties at home, school, work, or in relationships. You will learn how to spotlight successes for your child and develop accommodations and interventions.

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Workshop Resources

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Lisa Math B.S. CRPS-F

Lisa Math is the Director of Family S.T.A.R. program for Family Network on Disabilities. STAR stands for Support, Training, Assistance, and Resources. In her role at FND, she supports families who have children with special healthcare needs, complex medical conditions, developmental disabilities and mental health challenges, and the professionals who serve them. She has created webinars, resource materials, curricula, and presentations that are given at conferences and meetings throughout the state. She is also a Certified Recovery Peer Specialist with an endorsement in working with Families.

Her most important role is that as a parent of a 23 year old young adult who has multiple medical conditions and mental health challenges. She educated herself and navigated multiple systems of care to advocate for her child throughout her childhood and has used her lived experience to support others in their journey.

Lisa is an award winning poet and writer, and enjoys traveling and watching historical dramas.

Soren Richardson -

Soren is the Assistant Program Director for the Parent Education Network, a project under the Family Network on Disabilities (FND). Soren has completed Florida Partners in Policymaking and Pete’s Wrightslaw workshops. Soren has been involved with the public school system and IEPs for over 5 years and enjoys educating parents how to navigate the special education process. Soren lives in Central Florida with her husband and son. Soren was born and raised in Aruba and speaks four languages (English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamento).

Parent Education Network

Collectively the PEN Team has over 60 years of experience with all aspects of disability from medical diagnosis, early intervention to school eligibility - IDEA/IEP, inclusion in school & community setting, navigating Transition and Post Secondary options to living independently, and much much more … our goal is to share our experience, strength and hope through informal storytelling of raising our children with a wide range of disabilities & family dynamics.

PEN serves 12 counties from Southeast FL into parts of Central FL, Please call 800-825-5736 if you would like to talk to a Parent trainer.

Family S.T.A.R.

This program assists families of Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs (CYSHCN) and professionals so they can make informed decisions about health care through support, training, assistance, and resources. We help families to be effective partners in the health care decision-making process at all levels.