hidde v. running for president

no hidden agenda

introducing me

my name is hidde vissers and í am running for president. now you all ask yourself: why would this dipshit become president? well that is a simple awnser. i have the guts to do things that other people 'don't. i won't run. am i really the sort of enemy you want to take? other pary's can be dangerous. but i can be dangerous to.. if i need to be. enough about me. i'm not going to tell you where i live because probably you already know it... stupid press.....

introducing my PARTY

in my party, our focus is on the people. i all kinds of things. for example: health Insurance and workless people. just read this flyer and then you will find more about my party and things i want to change. so read it!

health insurance act. what is wrong with the us!?!?!?!

health Insurance. we don't have one? why!?!? we need one. thousands of people have to pay for an broken leg of worse... most of the time they can't pay it. so i ask myself and you people. why do we have a society without health Insurance. well i have the awnser.. the white house don't give a damn about you. they want money and applause. i won't hide the truth. i know this confrontates you all. but you have to get trough this! i will change this law!

workless people

one of the many things i want to change is: workless people. the most worse thing in this financial crisis. milions of people are unemployed. and i want to change it! i will confrontate them with the truth and that will be hard. the have to get out of that shitty lifestyle. no holidays and no bonus... i want to give people a life with a job. a job with a normal salary. it won't be high but high enough. vote!

Favoriet restaurant

Freddy's barbecue joint

speech for the people

Monday, July 6th, 3:30pm

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Washington, DC

i will speak for the people and talk about my opinion.

press conferance

Tuesday, June 30th, 10-11am

Wall St

New York, NY

i will talk with the press, they will ask me horrible question but i am ready.

it will be in front of my house


rachel zane my second hand, she will arrange all my oppointments. wenn you call me, you call her. without her i can't be president.