North Scott Jr. High Newsletter

March 2020

Meet our Therapy Dogs


Corwin was born March 12, 2012. He left the facility CARES when he was 14 months old knowing 64 commands. He is affectionately known as Cor. He loves people and loves to be outside. His favorite thing in the world is to play fetch with his favorite toy a tennis ball, he will do just about anything for a tennis ball. His other favorite thing is to fetch out of the water. He likes to get in and get out. He would swim every day in the summer if I would let him, sometimes he just gets in his baby pool at home.

His other favorite pastime is eating, this guy loves vegetables and fruit. If he favors you he will stand or lay on your feet, almost claiming you as his friend. He is often at the front door in the morning before work and ready before me!

Cor loves the students here at the junior high and would always rather be out and about. We are fortunate to have such a loving therapy dog here at North Scott. He is the only English Black Labrador Retriever in our district.

If you are ever around give him a little pat and he will wag his tail in appreciation.


Charlie spent the first year of his life in prison. He was involved in a special training program through CARES that pairs dogs with inmates that have earned the right to participate in this unique program. The inmates learn valuable skills like how to train dogs to do specific jobs and the dogs have someone that trains them 24 hours a day for an extended period of time. Some dogs are medic alert dogs, or for kids with juvenile diabetes (they are trained to detect the person's scent when their owner with diabetes has highs or lows) , or dogs that assist kids that are autistic, and some are trained as therapy dogs for schools, which is what Charlie was trained to do.

Charles enjoys spending time with kids throughout the day, sometimes in Special Education rooms and sometimes in Social Studies and Science. His favorite class is Unified Gym! Charlie loves spending time with kids and likes to roam around the classrooms that he is attending.

He also likes to volunteer for different events. February 7th Charlie was a greeter at "A Night to Shine," a prom for students and adults with special needs. He dressed up in his tux and as you can see he had a smile on his face as he enjoyed greeting all the guests!


Harper is in her 2nd year of service at the junior high. At home her favorite thing to do is eat, but she also likes to do tricks and snuggle with her mini-doodle sister, Ruby. In the summer, she likes to go paddle boarding! Harper has a special ability to make students laugh with her goofy antics like loudly snoring, sitting on the classroom bookshelf and crawling into the laps of those who invite her.

North Scott Jr. High Lancer Way Grading

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How to see lancer way Scores in Powerschool

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7th & 8th Grade Solo Festival

7th and 8th grade solo festival will be here at the JH on Tuesday, March 10th! Students have been given an assigned timesheet between the hours of 4pm-8pm. Students should dress appropriately for the performance and enter through the south doors of the building.

Washington, D.C

The biennial North Scott Junior High School Washington, D.C. Trip will take place during spring break in March of 2021 for current 7 th and 6 th grade students. The informational parent

meeting will be held on Sunday, March 1 st at 4:00 pm in the OLD GYM. If your 6th or 7th grader is interested in traveling on this trip, parent attendance at the meeting is required. This trip is limited to the first 160 registrants. If you have questions, please feel free to visit the link below.

Spring Break March 16th - March 20th

March Schedule of Events

March 1 Washington DC informational parent meeting

March 2, 5, 6, 9, 12,13: No Activity Bus

March 4 I’ve Got Your Back shirts

March 7 Kennedy Honor Och. SEIBA Jazz Festival

March 12 Book Mobile

March 16-20: Spring Break

March 23 School Resumes/1st day of Track practice

March 27 End of 3rd QT Early Dismissal

Dance Marathon Rescheduled to April 18th, 2020


The link below in gray takes you to the school calendar and it has every event the JH has. If you want to know your child's sports schedule or when your child's concert is, follow the link. You can customize it to suit your child's schedule by clicking on view schedules, then check just the boxes for your child’s events to view.

Fresh Film Camp

Students age 13-18 can join Fresh Films in the Quad Cities for spring sessions! We'll host talks to highlight local media industry opportunities along with short workshops to get young storytellers ready to film & edit their own projects.

Upcoming Events:

February 26 | 6-7pm - Film Talk: Media Careers in the Quad Cities

March 21 | 9am-12pm - Basics of Film Editing with Amber Mathias

May 6 | 6-7pm - Film Talk: Behind the Tech

These events are free and no film experience is required. Sign up for one or all at Learn more . Register Now!

We hope to see you there,

-The Fresh Films Team

This is not a North Scott School District publication. It is being distributed through the school district as a community service of the district to inform you of other community activities or services available.

Interested in the Trade field?

If you are thinking of entering the trades when you graduate; this message contains some information that may be helpful to you.The local Quad Cities Advance Manufacturing Board, Talent Link, and local manufacturing business are hosting parent tours in the next couple of months. Please click the link below for sign up

This is not a North Scott School District publication. It is being distributed through the school district as a community service of the district to inform you of other community activities or services available.

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