Death Camps

By: Matt Harrington

What are Death Camps

They are concentration camps were the inmates are very unlikely to survive or were they have been sent to be executed.


The Nazis in total had 23 concentration camps, but they also had roughly 900 sub camps. When historians researched this interesting topic they ended up finding that the Nazis established around 20,000 camps between 1933 and 1945. Nazis built 6 extermination camps were they carried out 3 million out of 6 million Jewish deaths. Hitler ordered the construction of all these buildings.

Death Camps vs. Concentration Camps

Concentration Camps were built as mainly as detention and labor. Were as Death Camps were almost only for mass murder of the inmates. Around 2,700,000 jews died in death camps.
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Picture 1

The image above is a giant room filled with shoes and clothes in Auschwitz. These are the clothes that millions of innocent people have worn until they are sent to there death. This image tells you that everyone that was wearing these clothes died, most likely in an awful way.
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Picture 2

The image above is a photo of one of the gas chambers at Auschwitz. Looking at this image can tell you the story itself, I feel like I can see the innocent men and women standing in there excited for a shower. When in reality they were just tricked into being slaughtered.

Video of Auschwitz

The video I have chosen gives great information and details of probably the most notorious death camp of them all Auschwitz. The information in the video is haunting and dark but it is the truth to what happened there. Auschwitz is the most known because of the mass amount of killings, they gassed about 6,000 Jews a day


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