Fairy Tales OR Folk Tales

Which is your favorite?

Fairy Tales

A fairy tale is a fictional story that may feature folkloric characters (such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and talking animals) and enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events. The term is also used to describe something blessed with unusual happiness, as in "fairy tale ending" (a happy ending) or "fairy tale romance," though not all fairy tales end happily. Fairy tales are a genre in literature. They have their roots in the oral tradition. Fairy tales with very similar plots, characters, and motifs are found spread across many different cultures. Fairy tales also tend to take on the color of their location, through the choice of motifs, the style in which they are told, and the depiction of character and local color.

Folk Tales

A folk tale is a story or legend handed down from generation to generation usually by oral retelling. Folk tales often explain something that happens in nature or convey a certain truth about life.

  • The beginning of the story starts with "Once upon a time . . . " or a similar phrase.
  • Magic events, characters, and objects are part of the story
  • One character is someone of royalty (king, queen, prince, princess, etc.)
  • One character is wicked.
  • One character is good.
  • Goodness is rewarded in the story.
  • Certain numbers like three and seven are in the story (three eggs, seven sisters, etc.)
  • The story ends with ". . .they lived happily ever after."

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