Tellagami in the Classroom!

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Essential Questions?

(1) How can we, as teachers, promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness?

(2) How can we communicate relevant information and ideas effectively to students using a variety of digital age media and formats?

(3) How can we demonstrate fluency of technology and transfer knowledge to new technologies to our classroom?

What are we doing today?

What is Tellagami?

Tellagami is one of our core apps that allows students and teachers to create an animation with ease. "Using animation with your students can have a profound effect on how they participate in a project. Their work can be liberated when they have the opportunity to separate themselves from the physical world, removing concerns about appearance and general physics. Students who are usually introverted tend to really shine with animation. It makes them feel safer and more willing to put their work out there." Read more here.
Tellagami in the Classroom

Some quick Tellagami ideas you might try with your class:

  • Have your character tell a story.
  • Pick a person in history and have them introduce themselves
  • Use a plant cell as the background and have the avatar name and discuss the function of each part of the cell.
  • Recite a famous poem or speech
  • Read a poem they wrote
  • Take a trip or go back in time and describe where the location/time period
  • Speak in Spanish, French, Mandarin or any language
  • Teachers can give directions or notes in an engaging way

Teachers' Real Examples...

Tellagami Example Force and Motion
Tellagami Example - Using Your Own Voice


What ideas can you come up with to use Tellagami in your class?

What have you brought with you today to begin creating?

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Redeeming your new app!

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  2. Click the link assigned to you
  3. Follow prompt to redeem your new app

Tellagami Features ...

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