Founded by: The Aryans

There are 3 paths to moksha (unity with God)

Path one: path of right thinking

Path two: path of right actions

Path three: path of religion devotion.

They believe in reincarnation, and moksha is the release of reincarnation and final resting place for the spirit.


The religion moved all around the world. 9 million people follow this religion and counting.

They meditate and pray everyday. They have a Code of Conduct which are pretty much above in the three paths to moksha. They believe in Dharma, which are rules to life and how to live. They believe in Karma, in which we have heard. Every action has a result.

Important gods

They can choose the deity they would like to worship.

The Holy Books

There are holy books such as the Vedas, but there are many. Others are the Gita and Upanishads. They believe in the Caste System, in which is pretty much a social class you simply cannot get out of. Your children are born into the caste you're in and you have to marry within the caste you're apart of. The most important are priests because they have a connection with The Gods


This originated in India. I know, I said it I just wanted to remind you.

How does this affect their everyday lives?

Hindus have to follow these rules, to reach moksha and unite with their God, and they cannot speak, think, dream bad things of others. If they dream that you said rude things to another person, you would reincarnate after you die and be born into a lower caste system. There's also a caste called the shudra which are the "untouchables". They're the lowest. People above them disrespect them so much to the point they are shunned. They are left the jobs that deal with corpses of dead animals, humans, and garbage.

Buddhism Founder: Siddhartha Gautama

  • They believe in the Dharma, Karma, Moksha and reincarnation, just like Hindus. But, the Hindus have the Caste System. The Buddhists do not believe in the caste system because it is not fair, nor just. They believe the cause of suffering is desire. To end suffering, one must rid themselves of desire. The Four Noble Truths are what they believe are suffering, and the Eight Fold Path is what you must follow to rid yourself of desire and suffering. The Four Noble Truths:
  • All life is suffering, with sickness and unhappiness. Although there are pleasures, they vanish in time.
  • People suffer for one reason; they desire things. Desire is never satisfied.
  • It is possible to end suffering. For one is aware they desire, their awareness will open a door to lasting peace.
  • By changing your thinking and behavior, you will reach the Middle Way, which then can be followed by eight fold path.

Daily lives

It affects Buddhists lives because if they desire anything, then it is believed they will live in suffering. They mus'nt desire if they wish to live a good life. They have to meditate/pray everyday, they have to think good of others, and if they find enlightenment, they can reach nirvana, which is the release of selfishness and pain, then reach moksha, which is the final resting place of the soul and unity with God.