Biggest Loser Challenge!

Operation Slim Down

Do you have 5, 10, 15 pounds or more of weight to lose? Do you need some extra cash? Then enter the challenge!

Kick off weigh in is Friday, April 7th. Final Weigh in is Thursday, May 25th.

To Play:

*$10 to enter. Cash collected at kick off weigh in.

The Rules:

*Weekly weigh in will be on Friday mornings from 9:15-9:45 in the clinic.

*There will be a $1 fee for any amount of weight gained from your previous week's weight. Cash will be collected at weigh in.

*One bye-week will be permitted per player which will allow you to miss a weigh in without being penalized. Additional misses cost $5 each.

*No make up weigh in's permitted. Weigh or pay. Your previous week's weight will be your default weight for a missed weigh in week.

*All cash collected (registration, weight gained and weigh in misses) will be added to the cash pot.

The Prize:

*1st place takes 60% of cash pot

*2nd place takes 30% of cash pot

*3rd place takes 10% of cash pot

These amounts may be adjusted according to how many play.

Email Tara Meyer if you want to play!

This is for the staff of Crossroads and RTDC. The more that enter to play, the bigger the cash pot!