Billie Letts

Where the Heart is Novelist

Billie Letts

Billie letts is an author who was born May 30, 1938 she lived in Oklahoma with her husband Dennis and her three children; Tracy, Shawn, and Dana Letts. Billie was also an english teacher for college students. Billie started writing in 1994 what made her successful as a writer is that she was writing about real life problems and that people can relate to it. Also, her most popular novel (Where the Heart is) became a movie and people started to discover her writing. Letts' husband Dennis died in 2008, and she died at the age 76 from leukemia cancer on August 2, 2014 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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Oklahoma State University

The picture above is where Billie Letts went to school and started writing novels. This is a symbol of her life because she discovered that she was a good writer.

Why we admire Billie Letts

We admire Billie Letts as an author because she writes about things that are relatable, for example in the book Where the Heart is she is writing about a teen who is pregnant and ends up living in Wal-mart for a while. This is relatable to me because I have lots of family members who have children at young ages and would make mistakes like this. I also enjoy how Billie writes, she’s good with imagery for example the chapter where Novalee is having the baby inside of Wal-mart she was very descriptive which is kind of weird but also a good way writing on her part because for people who don’t understand what having a baby is like they can kind of understand what it can be like, but it may vary for different people.
The three books that are above, are the other books that she wrote besides "Where the Heart is".