The Trial of Richard "Bruno" Hauptmann

The Crime

the trial of Richard "Bruno" Hauptmann took place when Bruno Richard Hauptmann, a thirty five year old German carpenter, was accused as a kidnapper and murderer of Charles Lindbergh, Jr., the twenty month old child of Charles and Anne Lindbergh, found out dead offer handing handing money to the kidnapper. There was no new law involved in the trial.

The Personalities

Charles Lindbergh, Charles Lindbergh, Jr., dr. Condon, Bruno Hauptmann, Al Capone, Violet Sharp. Condon being involved was the defendant. Hauptmann being the murderer and kidnapper of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. is the prosecutor.

The Role of the Media

Because the victim was a celebrity, so people were instantly more interested. Also because the victim was a child.

The Significance

The Lindbergh's won the trial, but technically the death of their child is a loss for them. The testimonies against Hauptmann made him too strong of a suspect to ignore, and therefore made him guilty of the murder of Charles Lindbergh, Jr. (the testimony of Condon seems to be the strongest considering the seventy-four year old resident of Bronx accused Hauptmann to be the messenger between the kidnappers and Lindbergh. This reveals the court its people to have been quick of their accusations (the evidence held against Hauptmann was far too vague and unreliable to make him guilty). This case would be associated with racism because the judgement of Hauptmann was most likely influenced by his lack of grammar and the prejudice thoughts in America over immigrants. If this man was an American with perfect grammar, there's a larger chance there would have been more testimonies to help him.