Are you worried about your wage?

Kayla Fleeting


A wage is momentary compensation or personnel expenses paid by a employer to an employee.Each year you earn wages so it gives you a year to increase your net worth. Wages are important because your wage and work benefits determine what you can buy and how you live.If you make a good income with good benefits such as health insurance or retirement plan it increases your feeling of financial security.In the United States wages increased between 1860-1960.The typical weekly wage of a U.S worker increased from $262 in 1980 to $298 in 1970.In the 1900's wages grew very slowly despite record economic growth.

There's More

Your wage is all up to you.If you want a better paying job get one if you want a better career get one if you want to make more money make it happen.

A nurse who works full times average pay a year is about $98,000, a nurse who works part times average pay would be $51,000.