Equal society and Civil rights.


To what degree has the civil rights movement contributed to making the United States a more equal and just society?

Well personally i think that civil rights movement was intended to be well and America was meant to be fair and equal and just, but when we put this act in motion it took some over looking and tweaking. Well they didn't fix it enough, i say this because back in the day women were meant to stay at home have babies and not work right? Yes and when women started getting rights men basically got jealous. Now days men are mostly still superior to women, this is because men think women " Cant handle the kind of work they do".

You might be thinking to your self how dose this fit in with my topic, Well it dose and this is how. Men and Women are still jugged by the color of their skin many men think women aren't meant to do a mans work, and tons of people are judged by the way they look or how they act or even the way they tie their shoes. So ask again how America is equal and more just! Yes there are tons of good things that the civil rights acts did for America but their is still a bunch of things that never changed. Judgment is all over you go to the store you are surrounded by judgment when u don't like someones clothes or hair color that is your judgment on others and this so called "America" is not as equal and just as we make it out to be.

Famous tactics and strategies

Some common tactics and strategies during the civil rights movement were, Civil Disobedience, Boycotts, Sit-ins, and Blockades. Civil Disobedience was one of the most common tactics. Civil Disobedience was a professed refusal to obey certain laws and commands put in place by the government, or the violation of laws with out violence. One of the most common known acts of this is from Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a black women during the civil rights movement, she was on her way home from a long day at work and all the seats in the back of the bus were filled. Parks did not want to stand so she sat in the front of the bus, when a white person came on Mrs. Parks did not give up her seat and when told to do so she refused as from being tired from work. Later on the bus driver called the authorities and Rosa Parks was then arrested. Rosa was then bailed out of jail by a group of young activists and Martin Luther King Jr. was apart of the group.

Boycotts, the most famous boycott was the Montgomery buss boycott. In this boycott hundreds of blacks would protest and refuse to ride the busses. After Mrs. Parks was arrested and bailed out of jail the young group of activists asked if they could have the permission to use her refusal to give up her seat to create a boycott against the bus systems. Black people all over the south refused to ride the bus, many got rides from neighbors or taxi rides and even walked. Some people walked a total of 14 miles every day. With fewer people riding the busses they did not get enough prophets to run the busses. Police officers would give taxi drivers tickets for driving blacks around and so that forced more people to walk.

Sit-ins, sit-ins were simple, a young black collage student went to a store to buy some school supplies. When he had purchased his objects he went over and sat at the lunch counter and asked to be served even though he know he probably would not be because the store was segregated. He was then later forced out because the store was closing. When he came back the next day he had gotten together a group of people to go with him. Eventually the word spread fast and sit-ins were every ware. Groups would go in and sit at lunch counters and asked to be served and if they were they would move on to the next lunch counter, but if they were not they would stay until they were. If a group got arrested a new group would take their place. These were starting to happen all over the south.

We Shall Overcome & Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around (medley)

Civil Rights

This song is important to this era because they are singing about continuing on to the freedom land and jail wont stop them till they are equal and they will "overcome" the whites and have their freedom. This song shows that blacks were willing to give up every thing to have the same rights and freedom as white people and they were never going to stop till that happened and they will find the freedom land.

Top five events during the civil right movement

  1. Brown vs board of education. this is one of the main events is the civil rights movement. In this they had the seprate but equal segragation in the cities and towns and thurgood marshal was the first black supreme justice. May 17th 1954
  2. The second main event was the little rock nine. These students were specially choosen black students to go into the all white school.On their first day they were block by the command of the national guard when trying to intergrte the school. September 1957
  3. James Meredith was the first student to enroll in the University of Mississippi. When James enrolled there was mass violence and riots . President Kennedy sent 5,000 troops to the seen of the riots. October 1st 1962
  4. James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner were working with the black voter's to help more black to voters when they were arrested and brought down to the police station and held for hours. When they were finally let go the were handed off to the KKK brought down an old dirt road and never seen again. august 1964
  5. Malcolm X. Malcolm was a black nationalist and founder of Afro-America. He was shot and killed what was told by the members of the black faith which he had earlier abandoned. march 7th 1965