iPads for All

New tool to help our children be successful

Hello Parents,

This upcoming year at Palm Meadow High School we will be doing something more innovative to get with the times. Every student will be given and iPad Mini on the first day of school that has numerous apps and tools that will make learning easier and more fun for everyone.

Why are we Doing This?

The Tool we are most excited about is the Skype for the classroom app. This way the teachers can throw what they want on the app and everyone can see exactly what they are doing on their iPad. Students can also edit and work on the problem right from their iPad and the whole class can see it on their iPad. It is a really cool tool that helps everyone involved out. Today education is a lot about collaboration. It is a very good tool to have to be able to work with others on assignments and projects. With the iPads it can become a lot easier for everyone. With the iPad and math you can use tools such as whiteboard on iPad to work together with the class and walk through everything right there. Kids can contribute to the work right away. You as parents can also get involved and see the work your child is doing straight from you iPhone or any mac device. It is great for all parties involved.

We are Palm Meadows