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Hiragana & Vocabulary & Grammar Quiz is du .

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Your coach said that you're very eager to learn and picked up the coaching vocabulary very quickly

Hiragana & Vocabulary & Grammar Quiz

In this quiz, you will be tested on your Hiragana skills that you've learned for this lesson. Please make sure you review and study your Hiragana for Lesson two (さ through と) in your Hiragana Practice Activities section before taking this quiz.

You will have 1 attempt on this quiz.

Once you have started, you will need to complete the quiz in one sitting. You will not be able to go back into the quiz once it has been opened.

Ayumilove Japanese Lesson - Hiragana Flash Card - sa shi su se so
Ayumilove Japanese Lesson - Hiragana Flash Card - ta chi tsu te to

Click the two links to practice before taking today's quiz.

Progress Report Card

Please check your grade to see if there is any assignment that you are missing before I send your Progress report after next week to your school. If there is no number on the Gradebook, it means you didn't turn in that assignment.
Please try to get any missed assignment turned in as soon as possible. If you get too far behind, it is difficult to catch up. Please look at the rubric for this assignment and turn it in for a late grade. If it is turned in a few days late , I will take off a 10% penalty.

Update your eLinguafolio

  1. Update your eLinguaFolio now!
      • You should record in your eLinguaFolio what you have learned from this lesson. Enter 2 things you learned from the culture discussion in the Learning Encounters section of the elinguafolio. You may choose instead to write about 1 language coaching session experience in the Language Experience section and 1 cultural point in the Learning Encounter section.
    • Keep up with your eLinguaFolio with every lesson, because it will be submitted at the end of every module.
      • The current module (module one) contains lessons one, two, and three, so it will be submitted at the end of lesson three.

Haven't self-enrolled in the Japanese Coaching Rooms yet?

  • Some students have not self-enrolled in the Japanese Coaching Rooms yet. Teachers, please remind your students to enroll themselves in that course so coaches can send them messages. Click the First-time user: Click " Enroll in Course.

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How to Complete a Language Coaching Make-Up to get a credit for it.

If you absolutely have to miss a language coaching session, please read about the two options you have for completing a make-up:
  • Check the coaching schedule to see if there is a time/day that works for you to complete your make-up. Perhaps with another coach.
  • Communicate to the coach (via Chat, Inbox, or in the session) that you are making up a session.
  • Then, send a message to your teacher, with the following information:
    • the name of the coach with whom you attended.
    • the day
    • and time


  • Find the recording of the session that you that you missed.
    • You can find this by going to the Japanese Coaching Rooms and clicking the link at the top that says "Recordings"
    • Set the dates for the range of the session you missed. You can even enter the coach's name to narrow the search.
  • Listen to the whole recording.
  • Then, complete this survey. Answer all of the questions about the session you listened to.

2 Things to remember about Method 2:

  1. You are only able to submit up to FOUR method 2 submissions at a given time. If you try to submit more than this, you will receive no credit for beyond 4 make-ups. After this, you will need to do Method 1 make-ups and return to your regularly scheduled live coaching sessions. Make-up method 2 is NOT a replacement for attending live coaching.
  2. You will not receive full credit for using method 2. You will have points taken off due to the fact that you are not participating during that session. This makeup consists of listening only, and not participating. Therefore, points will be deducted. The highest grade you can earn via method 2 is 80%.

If you have read and understand this, complete the method 2 make-up survey now.

If you choose to complete make-up method 1, you do not need to complete the survey.

Culture Disscussion

Requirements to receive full credit:

  1. Follow the directions above.
  2. Answer all of the questions and post them correctly in the discussion.
  3. Respond to two of your classmates' posts with detailed responses.
  4. All posts and replies should be proofread for spelling and grammar and in complete sentences.
  5. If you include information from a source beyond the culture notes (i.e. an outside source), it must be cited.

How do you contact me?

My Weekly Office Hours/ Tutoring:

Monday& Wednesday: 5Am to 9 pm.

Tuesday& Thursday- 1:00AM - 5:00PM

Friday: 10AM - 2:00PM

Need other times? Let me know and we can arrange a different time, and If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. I am here to help you.

  • You can message me and your classmates via Inbox on your left side of Global Navigation tabs.
  • 919-440-7216 (please check my office hours but I will answer you back as soon as possible.)