The Other Arianna Caldwell

The Bad

Arianna Caldwell

I was born in Hickory, North Carolina to Lanny and Denise Caldwell. I have lived in Conover for most of my life. I have a younger brother, Jacob, who was born when I was three years old. I grew up in a middle class neighborhood. My mother has worked for the school system since I was in first grade. She works as a cafeteria manager and loves her job. My dad when I was younger had a job with Joans Fabric, until the factory had shut down. He then went back to school and obtained a degree in architectural design from Catawba Valley Community College. After having struggles finding a job in his major, he got a job at CVCC being telecommunications specialist there. I grew up in a loving and caring environment, this led me to be the person I am today.

College Life

I graduated high school with just enough to get by. My senior year I became very slack because I had already been accepted to Appalachian State University with a scholarship. I went to ASU excited about the college life and the chance to break away from my parents. My freshman year I had a roommate who liked to party and influenced me a lot. I began to accept the college life of partying almost as soon as my freshman year had started. I didn't put much effort in my classes and soon my grades began to reflect that. I became addicted to pain medication and also drank a copious amount during this first year. After my freshman year was over at App, I received a letter from the administration dean stating that I had lost my scholarship due to my grades and performance not being up to par with the university's standards. After my freshman year I was kicked out of Appalachian State University.

Life with no Education

Upon being kicked out of the university I returned home to Conover and decided to go back to my high school job at the McDonald's in the Conover Wal-Mart. I became a manager and earned more money. I kept telling myself I would apply to Catawba Valley Community College to get out of the fast food business. I never had the motivation to apply or go back to school. I was still addicted to the pain medication as in college, and on days I didn't work I would spend my time out with friends drinking and partying. At the moment I lived in an apartment with one of my coworkers. I was sure that at some point I would go back to school, little did I know I would remain at McDonald's for the remainder of my working years.

Moving Backwards, not Forwards

Living with my coworker proved to be a challenge. We didn't get along too well and ended up in a huge argument and I moved out. I then moved back to my parents' house. Neither my parents or me were happy about the situation. I kept telling myself that I was gonna apply to Catawba Valley Community College. I was never truly motivated to apply. My addiction problems grew and all my money went to provide for my addiction. This then led to a life of poverty and depression. My parents soon found out about my addiction and sent me to a rehabilitation center in Tennessee. I struggled throughout the entire program. I finally finished my program successfully at the center. I was released back into my everyday life, where temptations were great but i managed to stay sober for a year. I finally had the means to get my own place and moved out of my parents house. Things were finally going a little bit better.

The End

While things were going a lot better, my addiction started to slowly creep back into my life. I began to hang around the friends who would pressure me into going out and partying. I was being influenced by these people again. I started using drugs again and was drinking too. I lost my place of living and my parents would not allow me to stay with them. I was between homes and shelters for a while. I got money to get a trailer in a bad part of town. I spent the rest of my life lonely and depressed. I was also addicted to pain medication and partying. I kept my job at McDonald's and worked there for the remainder of my life.