Superintendent Community Update

August 20, 2021

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Superintendent's Message

Dear JUHSD Community,

As we wrap up our second week of school, the energy and excitement of students and staff physically being back on campus can be felt district-wide. Thank you to students, parents and staff! We continue focus our attention on the wellbeing of students and staff as we transition back to campus!

I understand that as the as COVID-19 cases climb in the Bay Area, many feel uneasy. We are taking quick action and doing our best to share up to date information with our district community.

During this past Tuesday evening's board meeting, I had the opportunity to present a few new plans and documents that the district office created to better communicate COVID-19 updates and notifications:

*A COVID-19 Dashboard that displays daily, weekly, and monthly data of currently documented cases within members of our district community (students, and staff).

*A Quarantine Requirements flowchart that maps out next steps for when a member of our district community (students and staff) test positive for COVID-19.

*Staff Vaccination data - We have requested vaccination data and will require unvaccinated staff and volunteers to test regularly.

To view the documents mentioned above, and for up-to-date COVID-19 response information, please visit the district's COVID Response page.

I'm so grateful for allowing us to be apart of your student's educational endeavors and for your support of the Jefferson Union High School District; we're here for you!

As always, my door is open.


Toni Presta


Please welcome our 2021-2022 Student Advisory Council

During a welcome back meeting held on August 16th, JUHSD Board President Rosie Tejada, Trustee Member Kalimah Salahuddin, and Superintendent Presta listened to the thoughts and concerns from our student trustees as they shared out reports on their site's first week of school.

Throughout the year, our student trustees will attend monthly school board meetings, along with school-related events, to communicate the current student beat to our school district community. Representing this year's student trustee board are:

  • Charles Green, Jefferson High School
  • Sharon Liang, Oceana High School
  • Madeleine Hur, Oceana High School
  • Katalina Huazano, Terra Nova High School
  • Ava Crotti, Terra Nova High School
  • Mustafa Abuzahriyeh, Westmoor High School
  • Natalie La, Westmoor High School

Board Meeting Highlights

Important information is shared during Board of Education meetings, yet not everyone is able to attend or view the entire meeting. Please view highlights from Tuesday’s Board Meeting HERE.

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinics

Vaccination Clinic at Daly City Youth Health Center

San Mateo County Health has confirmed that every Wednesday is a Pfizer Vaccination Clinic at the Daly City Youth Health Center, and your students and families can register for that specific location on the website.

Vaccination Clinic for Youth with Sensory issues or Anxiety

Sequoia Hospital, Hope Technology School, and BACC are partnering to provide COVID-19 vaccines for individuals 12 and older who require a more sensory-sensitive environment. For youth with sensory issues or anxiety that require trained staff members who are skilled in providing vaccinations to students with disabilities, the Sensory Friendly Vaccination Site is available for you. Whether it is walk up or drive through, know that this clinic includes the following: short wait times, minimal transitions, no crowds, visual reminders, social stories on pads, drive through, visual aids and timers, fun rewards, quiet areas, and calm stations.


Have a COVID-19 related FAQ? Click HERE for answers!

For more COVID resources, including the addition of our district's dashboard, visit our COVID Response page.

Dual Enrollment with Skyline College

JUHSD Students! Are you interested in taking classes from Skyline College while still being in high school? If so, please click here for the Fall 2021 flyer for HSCI 180-Gateway to Health Careers dual enrollment opportunity.

This class will be ONLINE, starting the week of September 20, 2021, and virtual onboarding workshop dates/details are noted on the flyer and below:

-All interested students will need to complete the Fall 2021 College Connection Form

-Onboarding workshops will be conducted, via Zoom, using this Zoom link

Official Class Start Dates:

1: CRN# 96783

Week of 9/20/2021

Application Workshop over zoom:

CRN# 96783

9/1/2021 @

3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Upload Workshop over zoom:


9/8/2021 @

3:30 pm-5:30 pm

Enrollment Workshop over zoom:

CRN# 96783

9/15/2021 @

3:30 pm-5:30 pm

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Room, not Zoom.

Per the California Department of Education, we are only able to provide two modes of instruction: On Campus/In-Person, and Independent Study.

While we might wish to provide a hybrid option, we are simply not allowed.