Guided Research Task

By Madelyn Reagan

What is a partisam?

A partisan is a person could be even a young teenager male or female fighting against the Nazis. They also stole items from police and peoples homes
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In addition to rescue and military operrations, the partisans also helped preserve Jewish culture. In what ways did the partisans do this?

Some partisans forms all Jewish groups to protect themselves from people to turn them in for rewards.

Why might it have been important to the partisans to preserve Jewish culture?

If they didn't it would be very obvious they were Jewish. They could get turned in my people against Jews.

What is a zemlyanka? What purpose did zemlyanka serve for partisans living in forests in Eastern Europe?

A zemlyanka is an underground bunker. It could bunk over a dozen people in the cold weather

What did partisans eat? How did they obtain food?

They hunted anything they could find. They ate very rarely and sometimes every stole food.

How did weather affect the lives of partisans? What obstacles did it create for them?

Weather was a big affect because if it was too cold some would freeze to death. If it was too hot they would be carrying their winter clothes and it would get heavy and slow them down. More and more people would die in their groups.
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Why did Ben Kamm and other Jewish youth join the partisans?

They joined the partisans to try to protect their family's and to try and stop World War 2

What did people risk when they joined the partisans? What did they gain?

The risked never seeing their family again. They risked their lives. They gain the pride of fighting against Hitler.
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