Tonasket School District

Weekly Update ~ 9/17/2021

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Capital Project Update

After many issues impacting the ES modular project, we are ready to move forward with completing the site prep very soon. I would like to thank the elementary staff who have been affected by this delay for your patience and understanding while we resolved these issues.

Powerful Teaching and Learning

  • As I walk through the buildings, it is so exciting to see all our students back in the school buildings and to see our staff interacting with them on a daily basis. There have been some procedures to refine and some retraining on physical distancing and masking, but overall, I believe we are doing a very good job.

  • The OK Corral (county superintendents) had their first face-to-face meeting in over a year. It was great to talk with colleagues and share ideas on how to lead through COVID. We are all struggling with how to find the correct path through these difficult times. Most of us live in communities deeply divided on COVID issues, and school leaders at all levels are in the crosshairs a lot these days. It was so good to share our successes and struggles and to learn from each other.

Parent and Community Engagement

While the mask mandate is in effect, all board meetings and work sessions will be remote for all visitors. The school board will meet in the boardroom and will be following the mask mandate as well as for any staff needing to present in person.

Creative and Innovative

At our August school board meeting, the board approved the hiring of a part-time school garden coordinator. I met with Rose Corso from the School Garden Board to develop a job description for this position. We posted the job in-district on Wednesday. It’s open to all classified and certificated staff. Anyone interested, submit a letter of interest.

TEA and PSE Updates

The TEA and the district are close to an agreement on rolling the contract for another year. Both the TEA and PSE will start full contract negotiations in the spring.


  • Enrollment for September was 1,093.39 FTE. We are starting the year with an increase of 26 FTE.

  • Board Policy and Procedure Updates: Link to TSD website - Policies
    2410 BP/P Graduation Requirements
    2125 BP Sexual Health Education

We are implementing an on-site COVID testing program for symptomatic staff and students. This is a no-cost to the district program that will allow anyone who desires a rapid COVID test to get one at school. This will allow us to reduce quarantine time for staff and students while helping to reduce the chance of COVID transmission.

Staff members, please keep the guidelines posted in your rooms, take pictures on your phones, etc so you have access to the information when/if you are sick or exposed. This is what will be used to determine testing, quarantine, etc. We are still having to track illness, exposure, cases, etc. PLEASE STAY HOME IF YOU ARE SICK

A testing program will be launched in September. Rapid tests are available and can be used in some cases until we are up and running. When the testing program is up and going these are OPTIONAL tests that will be offered during certain days/times.

  • These will not be done on a drop-in basis and each scenario will be different. If you are feeling ill please don't wander around looking for the school nurse or wait until you see the nurse, you need to go home/isolate if you are sick.

  • If testing is needed because of exposure, etc that will be set up in an appointment type situation.

  • PCR tests and rapid tests will be available on a case-by-case scenario. All testing will not be completed without written consent. Staff members who become symptomatic during the day and feel they may need a test will need to notify the office and isolate in your car until testing options are worked out. The nurse or designated person will be notified to work out the next steps. Tests will be done in a drive-up type situation.

  • More information will be sent as things are set in place. If you are symptomatic/exposed after-hours local options are listed below for testing. Please remember you can call your doctor or local public health 422-7140.

This will all be a work in progress and we are going to try and offer this as a convenience for staff and students in some cases.


  • North Valley Hospital
    Can do same-day test, set up with admitting. Tests do take 6-8 hours so the same day could end up being the next day if you go in late. Can test for exposure or needed for travel, etc.

  • Family Health Center
    Anyone who needs a COVID test due to exposure (recommend testing 5-7 days after exposure and to quarantine until they are tested and have results) or symptoms (can be tested immediately) need to call 422-5700 and schedule either a telehealth visit or they can schedule a car visit if they're symptomatic so the provider can listen to lungs, take bp, etc. They will then be instructed to come to the FHC curbside area for the COVID swab. Or whatever FHC clinic they live closest to.

    If someone needs a test for travel or employment (no symptoms and no exposure) AND if they are an established FHC patient, they can schedule a nurse COVID swab. If they have not ever been seen by anyone at FHC, they will need to schedule a telephone or telehealth visit with a provider so they can place an order for the COVID swab. Most insurance companies are no longer paying for COVID swabs for their members who need one for travel or if their employer requires a test (without any exposure or symptoms

  • Confluence Tonasket - no testing

  • Confluence Omak - Call 663-8711, press 1, follow instructions

  • Life Line - free drive through COVID testing in Omak running daily M-F 7 am -2 pm, results in 48-72 hours, No appointment necessary: 912 Koala Ave, Omak

What Every Employee Needs to Know Reminders

The deadline for turning in your certificate of completion for What Every Employee Must Be Told is September 22. Please send your certificate to Anitra in the district office.