The Free Enterprise Economy

Why free enterprice is the answer for all your problems

Why should people want a free enterprise economy ?

wouldn't you want to spend your money the way you desire,be able to choose whatever business you wish ,have the ability to compete with anyone in the marketplace or decide what and when you want to buy and sell a product.If so,the great free enterprise is the answer.


A free enterprise is a economic system where the government places very few restrictions on the types of business activities or ownership in which citizens participate.Owners or business owners are in charged of everything,and are able to make their own decisions.

proving the critics wrong

some people say that, Free enterprise hurts the poor:
Since 1970, the percentage of the world’s population living on the value of less than a dollar a day has fallen by 80 percent. millions of people have been pulled out of deprivation.This is due to free trade, rule of law, property rights and entrepreneurship.

This is the final chance to success

this is the final chance to choose whether you want to run your business your own way,or have the government take over and leave you little to spare.The free enterprise economy is superior to any other economic system that have ever existed,due to its very few restrictions and little government involvement,this is why the great free enterprise economic is the best answer to all your problems