Friendship Through life

Grey Hofheins 6-7 Period

Analysis of the Development of Theme

The character's, plot, and theme influenced each other throughout the entire course of the story. Like when Tony D was chasing Max and Kevin. If the pond wasn't there then Tony would have caught them. In the book Kevin helps max with school but if instead of school they were playing football Max would have to help Kevin. So if the setting of conflict change then it would change the theme.

Reflection and Application of Theme

In my personal opinion this is a true theme. Having friend's like Kevin is extremely helpful through life. If there is something that you are having trouble with that your friend can help you with then you have someone to help you. This theme is well developed because Kevin help's Max with school and Max helps Kevin with walking and getting around. This theme is also relevant in our generation because there are many trials to be faced in the world at this point in time and to have a friend to help you through it makes things much, much easier.

Freak the Mighty


The book Freak the Mighty is about Max, and eighth grader with a mental disability. And how he meet's Kevin (Freak) another eighth grader with a physical disability. After they meet they instantly become friends. Together Max's Huge body and Kevin's Huge brain make Freak the Mighty. They go on quest's, all over their town. When Max's dad get's out of jail he comes and takes Max In the Middle of the night. The next day Max is rescued by cops, Kevin and the Heroic Loretta lee. Max's dad is thrown back in jail and everything is looking up. Until Kevin's Insides get too big for his body and he dies in the Intensive care Unit. After that Max writes a book about their adventures.

Meet the Author

Rodman Philbrick is an american author born in Boston Massachusetts but raised in england. He currently lives in Maine and Florida. His wife Lynn Harnett died in 2012. He has been writing novels since he was 16 years old. He has published over a dozen novels including Freak the mighty which was made into a Feature film. He has won the John Newberry Medal and the award for the best original P.I Paper back.