The Journey of Perseverance

Inspiring people who fought through the pain

How is perseverance defined?

Perseverance is defined in several ways, just about everyone looks at it differently. Some take the word for granted, others don't think much of it because they haven't had to suffer through it. Only those who have accomplished it understand what it truly means, and it means that you have faced several adversities and you need to recover from these adversities. However, this is not a walk in the park, it takes years of hard work, you need to be mentally strong, and resilient. Then in the end, you will be happy that you can now celebrate your triumph.

Eleanor Roosevelt/Descriptional

Eleanor Roosevelt was a lady who had a very depressing childhood. She lost 3 people in her family in just 18 months. Her mom died, her dad died, and her brother died all in that short time period. Also after that she was forced to live with her cruel grandmother who made her wear old dirty clothes every day even though she had the money. However, Eleanor always was a very hard worker in school and even became the presidents wife! But this isn't the reason why she is so famous, or even her amazing story, it was all of her eloquent speeches to the public to help inspire people who needed a little boost.
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Kid president/Sequence

First when this inspirational kid was born he was just plain old Robby Novak. Then he was diagnosed with a rare bone disease that makes his bones very fragile, he has broken over 80 bones in his body. A few years later he started to make videos on how he wants himself, as well everyone else to make the world, "Awesome." Finally his videos go viral and everyone wants to follow the life lessons that he teaches.
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Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan/Compare and Contrast

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Lady Jags/Problem and solution

There is a very poor county in Tennessee called carol county. This is a place where there are cockroach infested houses with barely any food on the table, these adversities are some of the things that encumber these girls with their school work. There is a high school there for troubled girls with a basketball team called the "Lady Jags." Most of the girls are court ordered to play to help them learn to cooperate with other girls. The school believes that you need to give the girls a boost but they have to do the rest of the climbing. Most of the girls that go to this school improve and some even double their GPA.

Stones in the Water/Cause and Effect

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It is now clear that perseverance is more than just working hard. It is fighting through pain after faced with adversities and suffering. However in the end you are grateful you went through it because of the effect it has on your life. This is what many of these inspirational people have taught us.