The Panthers

Norfolk Jr. High

The Rhyme

Mr. Webs and the Rain

One day an itsy bitsy spider climbed up a water spout, and it started to rain. The spider tried to keep going, but the water washed him out. The sun came out and the water went away, so Mr. Webs climbed up the water spout again. But the rain started pouring down again.
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The Benchwarmers


Three guys who were bullied when they were younger see a kid getting bullied. They can’t take it anymore, so they have a baseball league where they play the bullies. The coaches are the guys who bullied Gus, Clark, and Richie. They bet a baseball stadium for the final game. The guys let all kids who were bullied play against them. The bullies learn during the game that bullying isn’t right and they let them win.
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Amazing Huskies

The average Husky weighs from 35 to 60 pounds! They stand at 22 inches tall. Huskies are normally black, tan, or gray with black markings.The Husky is a very fast and strong dog.They stay warm with double coats and thick soft fur. Huskies are sometimes mistaken for wolves because they look so much alike.The eyes of a Husky are normally pale blue.They live from about 12 to 14 years. If you were to buy a Husky, it could cost around 2000 dollars. In conclusion, Huskies are cool dogs and they are my favorite.
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The ESPN app is my favorite because it’s so easy to check all kinds of sports and stats. If you missed a good play in a game, it has videos of great plays. It keeps you up to date on who has the ball, where they are in the game, and what quarter it is. The app gives exact averages and points they score, or how many they missed or caught. The app helps you follow your favorite sports teams. Find out how good a player did, or if they beat their record. You also can add favorites, so you get notifications when a team does something.
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