The Doll with the Yellow Star

By Yona Zeldis McDonough

Plot Summery

Claudine (a Jew) gets a doll for her birthday. She becomes very close to her doll. Claudine's parents want to send her to America to live with her aunt and uncle. Then she heads to America without her parents. When she get off the boat she realized she didn't have her doll but she can't go back on the boat. After being in America for a few years she starts to Wonder when her parents will came back. Will her parents ever come back?
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Never stop believing because Claudine didn't stop believing for her parents to come to America. She has been for her parents to come and take her back to Germany. Claudine never gave up hope neither should you.

Historical Event

The Jews had to wear Yellow stars on their clothes so everyone would know they were a Jew. They also had to wear it so the nazis could tell the Jews apart from everyone else. That is why Claudine had to wear a yellow star. The yellow star made it easier for the Nazis to murder the Jews.

Reflection on Historical Event

In the book Claudine had to wear a yellow star on her clothes just as the rest of the Jews.

She didn't like felling different from everyone else. She didn't want to wear the yellow star but she did. None of her friends were Jewish. Claudine wanted to make a yellow star for her doll so she did. Claudine thought she wouldn't feel so different if her doll would have one too.

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This is a picture of what the yellow star in Germany might have looked like during WWII.


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