Technology Newsletter

from your Instructional Coach Team

Parent iPad Night: March 22

Engaging in the Learning Process on March 22 from 6-7pm.

We will be meeting in the CMS library.

Our focus for this session is around sharing and exploring iPad apps that your students can use.

Explain Everything App

An app that shows your learning: Good for any Subject

Explain Everything is an interactive whiteboard app that can be used in a multitude of ways. It can capture video, import images and presentations from other programs, and allows students to create and communicate in new and exciting ways. Images that are imported can be rotated, moved, slid, flipped, locked and manipulated in so many ways to allow for personalization of projects. Explain Everything can be used very collaboratively, projects can be shared, reviewed, and presented to allow for peer feedback.

Link to the app store $3.99

Take a look at the example below.

Math Callenge Problem 1 27 2016 Wednesday January 27, 2016 10 33 AM, MST

Complete an "App Task Challenge" with your child

Engaging with tech tools alongside your kids can be a fun way for you to connect with them and familiarize yourself with the technology they are using in school. This month we would like to challenge you to complete an ‘App Task Challenge’ with your child.

Pic Collage App

Description: Pic Collage is an app that is easily integrated into any curriculum. Creation possibilities are endless with the simple, easy to use app. You can add images, YouTube videos, text, stickers or anything you created in another app. Students love using Pic Collage. It never seems to get stale in the classroom. Pic Collage is available from the Apple iTunes Store as well as the Google Play store.

App Task Challenge:

Complete the challenge found at this link: Pic Collage App Challenge