Al Copone Does My Homework

A Tale Of Alctraz

This story is about a son of a warden guard on Alcatraz Island in 1936.There are not very many pleasant people in Alcatraz ,and I am talking about Al Copone.For Moose Flanagan life isn't so easy..Like when Moose's dad gets moved up to the number two spot through out the whole island.In Alcatraz it comes with its own set of problems.Especially when you sister is not like the avrerage teenage speacies.And your mom will do anything it takes to prove him otherwise.

Moose and his friends are going to have to work to gather to solve the mystery of how his apartment caught on fire and how it started.They are up against the worst con artist in Alcatraz,Al Copone.But just a little help from a cockoaroch or two they may or may not conquer the mystery and be committed to finding the solution of the truth.