Fourth Grade News

For the Week of January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!!

We hope everyone had a restful week off and enjoyed time with friends and family. Please remember, school reopens on Tuesday, January 3rd. We look forward to greeting our students into the new year and can't wait to get back into the swing of things!

This Week's Focus:

Reading - We will begin to identify 'main idea' and supporting details as we continue with our unit on nonfiction text. Students will work in partnerships to read and take notes from "BIG books," and will teach each other about their book's main idea at the end of the week.

Writing - Students will wrap up their unit on informational writing by creating a travel brochure for one of the states in the Southeastern U.S.

Math - Students will begin dividing three-digit numbers by one-digit numbers. Students will also begin creating, determining, and solving number patterns (example = 3,4,8,9,18,___,___ The pattern is plus one, times 2 and the missing numbers in the pattern are 19 and 38).

Science - Students will learn about nonrenewable and renewable natural resources and how they are used to make energy.

Social Studies - Our Southeast Region quiz will be on Thursday. Students will bring home a review sheet at the beginning of the week, but can also prepare by using their lists and flash cards which went home a couple weeks ago. The assessment will cover the states, capitals, and abbreviations. A bonus map will be provided for students who would like to fill in the states' locations for extra credit.

Expert Research Writing and Natural Disaster Science Fair!!

The students did an amazing job researching their topics, creating models, and presenting slide shows!! Thank you to all family members and friends who were present at the fair. The support was amazing and the students were very excited to see everyone.

Mrs. Hayes & Mrs. Peterson