Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 1st, 1955 - December 20th, 1956

What is the bus boycott?

The bus boycott was African Americans refusing to ride the bus in order to try and make a difference. It all started when Rosa Parks (On the right) an African American seamstress was sitting in her section of the bus but when the white section filled up and they told her to get up, she refused to do so. She was then arrested for disobedience and that sparked something in the other African-Americans, so they all decided to not ride the bus anymore at all until it became financially unstable for the bus companies so they would have to let them ride the bus however they please.

How is it a part of the Civil Rights Movement?

It is a major part in the Civil Rights Movement because it was a big step towards equality. They went from not being able to ride the bus, to having to sit in the back, to finally being able to sit wherever they want to. This was basically the center of the movement because during this time all African-Americans had came together as one to stand up against the segregation happening and that is what brought them all together.

Success and the problems after

This event was successful because after it was over, the African Americans were then allowed to ride wherever the want to and sit where they wanna sit. It was also successful because it brought most African-Americans together and as one. Problems that had occurred after was extreme racism and harassment from Whites that could not accept the fact that they were pretty much equal now.

Connection to Today

This event definitely had an impact on today because now there are many African-American leaders and sports stars and they can go wherever as well as do whatever. We even have an African-American president now and without this boycott i don't know if they ever would have became equal like this. So it definitely influenced what happens today.

What do I think?

I think that the African-Americans were very strong in order to stay off the bus for 381 days and walk miles to work every single day. I do not think i would be strong enough to do something like that especially not for over a year. This was a great movement with great after effects besides all the racism after. This is still a major component in history and was one of the greater examples of non-violent protests.