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No Suspension for Jay Football Team After Ref Is Pummeled

Members of the UIL executive committee announced that there would be no suspension to two football players after meeting with district officials and Texas Association of Sports officials. The meeting resulted from an incident the previous week in which two players were caught on video knocking down a referee and another student hitting him with his helmet. The two students alleged the referee had used racial insults towards them. The UIL special committee will meet again to decide if John Jay High School should face punishment.

Credible/Not credible Source

This is from a credible source, Texas Public Radio. We know this first because its' web address ends in "org". We can also look at the mission statement which reads "engage in the production and distribution of non-commercial informational, educational, cultural and entertainment content for the people of Texas". The website also says they respect diverse views as they are run with public money.

UIL panel hearing testimony about Jay football ref attack by David Flores

This article goes into more detail as to how the students and the Jay football program could suffer due to the alleged incident. After video of the incident went viral, Jay's secondary coach admitted he called for the students to make the referee pay for allegedly saying racial slurs. If the UIL committee find the statements true the students could be suspended from all UIL activities and the football program put on probation for a maximum of three years.

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This BLOG is not a credible source as it is one persons opinion about the subject. While most of the statements are factual, a blog is usually someone ideas about certain subjects. This blog also does not have a credible url as it ends in .com

My opinion

I prefer the credible article; although, the blog has some interesting information. I think the blog was written a couple of weeks after the incident so more information had come to light. The credible article leaves the reader with the information needed to find out about the incident without making inferences into the allegations.