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Friday, January 27, 2017


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We spent the lion share of our time this week focusing on Topic A of Module 5. The kids have been exploring fraction equivalence through the decomposition of non-unit fractions into unit fractions, as well as the decomposition of unit fractions into smaller unit fractions. They have proved the equivalence using tape diagrams. We have one more lesson in Topic A on Monday and then it'll be time for the quiz. Please check out the Math i-Ready Challenge! Don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ The children completed the module 3 test last Friday. We reviewed the test today and your child will be bringing it home for you to see. Please sign the test and return on Monday. Overall the children did a very good job on this test. We will continue to work on multiplying and dividing throughout the year. This week we began module 4. IN this module we will learn about geometry. We spent the week talking about lines and angles. Next week we will learn how to measure various types of angles. Please continue to work on multiplication facts with your children, I have been seeing some great improvement!

Mr. Lawton's Class ~ In math we are finishing module 3 with 2-digit multiplication. We will continue to practice division and other skills from this module, and will be using multiple strategies. The students scored very well on our division test, which was great to see as division can be a struggle. Please continue to work on skills and fluency. The more we can get those basic multiplication and division facts down the easier the more complex math becomes. If you ever have any questions please call or e-mail me.


PAWS - The kids have the new PAWS that is due Friday, February 3rd. I'm thinking they'll have some strong opinions on extending the school day! We continue to work on there, their, and they're. in addition, we've targeted apostrophes. Many kids are in the habit of including them when they're not needed.

i-Ready Diagnostic - Many 4C kids have finished their i-Ready winter diagnostic. We have a few who need to finish. This isn't something that can be completed at home. We'll get finished in the coming week.

Writing from Two Sources - I decided to modify the plan and hold off on the nonfiction. This past week we did some planning together and then a partner write. This experience isn't a time when we edit and rewrite. They write their best draft the first time. I will make comments and share with the kids during the coming week. Look for those to come home next Friday.

Sundae Party Sign-Up

Chorus Sign-Ups

Permission slips for chorus were offered in music class on Thursday. Be sure to check in with your child if he or she is interested in singing!


We are planning to wrap up the structures of life unit on Tuesday, January 31st with an end of unit test. The kids have a review sheet to help prepare for the test.


Our library is open for business! Today the kids visited for the very first time this year. They all were able to check out some books! This brought smiles to many faces!
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