Counselor's Corner

Vernon Township High School, November 2017

College Spotlight- Bloomfield College, Bloomfield, NJ

Bloomfield College Goes Test Optional!

Bloomfield College has announced that it has adopted a test optional (SAT/ACT) policy. For the Fall 2018 application review process, undergraduate, first-year applicants will no longer be required to submit their ACT/SAT scores.

To learn more about Bloomfield College, check out their Winter Open House on Sunday, December 3rd at 10am!


When it comes to the ACT or SAT, you might have asked yourself one of the following questions...Which test should I take? Do colleges prefer one over the other? Is one easier than the other?

Both generally test the same types of content, with the exception of the ACT having a Science Test and the SAT having a section in the Math Test that is non-calculator. Both scores are used for the college admission process and both offer the possibility to receive merit based scholarships. College's do not prefer one over the other, so take the test you feel is right for you.

To sign up for or see when the next ACT is being offered locally, please visit

To sign up for or see when the next SAT is being offered locally, please visit

*Please note, both tests require a photo ID (Drivers license or School ID with photo are acceptable) and printed test ticket to gain admittance on test day.

ATTENTION JUNIORS! Are you looking to get ready for test day? If yes, then you might be interested in the Vernon High School SAT Team! The amazing, dynamic duo of Mr. Bray & Mr. LoGiudice will be offering a winter session from Tuesday, January 16th through Thursday, March 1st. The SAT team meets every school day with the exception of Wednesdays. Monday & Friday sessions are from 2:15-5:15 and Tuesday & Thursday sessions are from 2:15-3:30. The team also meets on the following Saturdays from 7:45am-12:30pm for full-length practice tests: January 20th, February 3rd, February 10th & 24th. The course will cost each student $150 and there are only 25 spots available (VTBOE funds primary instruction for the class and student contributions are used to help fund instructional costs). Sign up day is in the cafeteria starting at 7:05am Thursday, November 16th on a first-come, first serve basis. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Bray ( or Mr. LoGiudice ( Don't miss the chance to join this competitive, hardworking team.

Working Papers 101

All minors under the age of 18 are required to have working papers before they are allowed to begin work. These can be picked up from Ms. Larlee (Room 161A) or Ms. Baldwin (College & Careers Center, Upper Library) or they can be printed on-line through the New Jersey Department of Labor website.

The Employment Certificate contains 6 parts that need to be completed before the student can begin work,

Part A- Minor's Personal Information (To be completed in it's entirety by the student & parent)

Part B- Employment Information (To be completed in it's entirety by the employer)

Part C- Physician's Certification (A school or sports physical performed during or after freshman year that is on file with the school can be used for this. Otherwise a stamp & signature from a doctors office is needed)

Parts D-F can be completed here in the school, but only after parts A-C are done. When you are at this step, please return to Ms. Larlee or Ms. Baldwin and they will complete these parts.

Once the form is completed with all information, a copy will be made for submittal to the state and you will bring the original back to your employer. Please note that working papers differ from state to state. If you are to gain employment in NY, you will need to get NY working papers.

College Visits

We have had a great turn out this past month during our college rep visits to our College & Career Center! Students have been able to learn about courses of study, financial aid info, campus life and many other fun facts about different colleges in the North East. Here is who is coming for November....

11/2 11:30am Cooper Union

11/6 8:30am Seton Hall University

11/7 8am NJIT

11/7 1:30pm University of Rhode Island

11/21 11:30am St Johns University Staten Island

11/30 8am Manhattan College

Upcoming Dates & Info

SENIORS please keep a close eye on your college application deadlines! Transcript request forms must be handed into your counselor at least 5 school days prior to the application deadline. This is to ensure a timely sending of all documents.

11/1 College Parent Group Meeting (6pm Upper Library)

11/14 ASVAB (9am) The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a multiple choice test, administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces. Also, it can be used as a pathway for NJ graduation requirements.

12/8 Mini College Fair (During the school day for students to attend)

Scholarship Opportunities

Its never to early to start thinking about college and how to pay for it.

Raise.Me is a website that allows you to enter your achievements while your in high school (clubs, activities, grades, etc starting as early as 9th grade) and then from those achievements, you can earn scholarships from colleges which you will be awarded if you attend that college. Check out the website to learn more!


Scholly is a scholarship search tool and college scholarship finder app. Created by a student studying at Drexel University and seen on the tv show Shark Tank, this app has quickly grown as an amazing way to help students find more money for college!