Quarter 3 Reflection

By: Alex Fawcett

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a book about a poor Indian boy named Junior who grows up on a reservation in Washington State. On this reservation, alcohol is more important to some people than school is. That infuriated Junior and caused him to transfer to the rich and white Reardan High School over 20 miles away. Junior wanted his best friend, Rowdy to go with him, but Rowdy wouldn't turn against the reservation and also told Junior that if he went then he would never talk to him again. That didn't stop Junior from going. There was only one other Indian with him at Reardan, and that was the mascot. It was at this school where Junior met his new best friend and his girlfriend. His new best friend wasn't a tough guy like his old one. This guy was actually the complete opposite. Gordy was considered the genius of the school, and taught Junior how to REALLY read a book. Junior's girlfriend, Penelope, had a severe anorexia problem. He was one of the first people to know about it, mostly because he caught her making herself get sick. Penelope wasn't the only person hiding something. She didn't figure out Junior was poor until they were deep into their relationship. She tried to help Junior, but he had too many distractions in the way. Trying to ease away from the distractions, Junior tried out for the basketball team. Though he had little support from the coach, he made it. During their game against the reservation, his old school, Juniors old best friend, Rowdy, knocked him unconscious. On top of that, Reardan ended up losing to the reservation. During the next match-up, Reardan got its revenge and took the title back. After this, Junior's family had to deal with many tough obstacles. Their grandma got hit by a car, Junior's sister died in a fire, and Junior's dad's bestfriend got shot at a gas station. All of the events that occurred had something to do with alcohol, which was part of the reason Junior ran away to Reardan. Junior had a hard time dealing with all of the losses, and one day decided to go shoot some hoops on a local court. While here, Rowdy decided to show up to shoot as well. The two played against each other and became friends once again.
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"I wish I were magical, but I am really just a poor reservation kid living with his poor family on the poor Spokane Indian Reservation." page 7

"Reardan was the opposite of the rez. I was the opposite of my family. It was the opposite of me. I didn't deserve to be there. I knew it; all of those kids knew it." page 56

Where Men Win Glory: Review

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks took place, Pat Tillman hung up his football jersey and enrolled in the US military. Walking away from a multi-million dollar NFL contract, the Arizona State football star put down his cleats and threw on some boots. Just two years after joining the army, Tillman was killed in battle in Afghanistan. To this day, he remains an icon that all Americans look up to.
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Positives and Negatives


- Very powerful book

- Lots of meaning behind it

- Based on a true story


- Could've been shortened

- A little plain times


“The truth of war is not always easy. The truth is always more heroic than the hype.”

“That guy, he has done some bad things against me. If someone is bad to me, I must be bad to them. You know why? Because if you didn’t, that guy will think you are a soft guy. And then he will be bothering you all the time. You have to go against him back, you know?”