Stephanie Kwolek

By: Jacy Nelson

Background Information

Stephanie Kwolek was born in New Kensington , Pennsylvania. When she was young she loved to go around her house and study all the plants and animals. She also enjoyed designing and making clothes with her mother but sometimes she did it by herself. When she went to college she studied chemistry she thought about studying to be a doctor but it was to much money. When Stephanie finished college she got a degree in chemistry. She sadly died on June 18, 2014 when she was 91 years old.

Important Inventions and Accomplishments

Stephanie Kwolek's inspiration was from her mother because her mother was a homemaker and made clothes. She invented the Kevlar bullet proof vest. The purpose of the invention was to not make bullets or knifes go threw skin. She started in 1965 when she was 42 years old. She worked in a lab at DuPont. She used liquid crystals, mercy, runny polymers, and fiber to make Kevlar.She received a Lemelson Mit Lifetime award. Stephanie also is in the National Inventors Hall Of Fame.
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