7th Grade Science

Week of December Fifteenth

Genetics Part II, Cont'd

We will be wrapping up our genetics unit with the test on Tuesday. Study guides were received last week, to be completed for homework by Monday this week. The winter break is near so we'll also be working on some holiday themed science activities and finishing the week with A Christmas Carol.

Essential Question + Standard

How do scientists, such as genetic counselors, use tools to study heredity? (7.L.2.2)

Tentative Schedule


Classwork: Pedigrees + Review Study Guide

HW: Study for Test Tomorrow


Classwork: Genetics Test

HW: Notebooks Due Tomorrow


Classwork: Remediation as Needed, WebQuest

HW: None


Classwork: Holiday Themed Genetics Activities (Google Classroom)

HW: None


Classwork: A Christmas Carol w/ WS

HW: Happy Holidays!!!