The Borromeo Bulletin - #29

Home of the Bobcats: April 3, 2021

From Dr. Voelkl

Our entire Saint Charles Borromeo family wishes to extend Easter Blessings to all of our families! We hope your spring break is filled with opportunities for rest, relaxation and memory making. Upon our return from break we will definitely be hitting the ground running! The remaining days and weeks of the 2021-2022 school year will be jammed packed as we enjoy our Havanna Nights Auction, celebrate spring Sacraments and various Graduation ceremonies. Hold on tight and PLEASE continue to check emails and read newsletters for important updates and current information.


Congratulations to our newly inducted National Junior Honor Society members. We were able to honor both our 2020 and 2021 inductees at a special Mass and ceremony on Tuesday. Students in NJHS are selected for their consistent ability to demonstrate the values of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship. Special congratulations to Kellen Gray and Chase Houget, also pictured here, who were unable to join us for the ceremony.
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Uniform Reminders

Details regarding uniform choices and the upcoming Uniform Sale at Fischers can be found further down in this newsletter. A few quick updates / reminders:

* PE clothes will ONLY be needed in grades 5-8 next year.

* Girls in 5th grade will transition from jumpers to skirts.

* Boys in Middle School can transition from navy pants/shorts and maroon shirts to khaki pants/shorts and navy polos.

LAST, we have been VERY flexible with the dress code this year in light of COVID and, and, and...with that being said PLEASE remain mindful that in some areas we will have to tighten up the reigns a bit as we return to the 2021-2022 school year and will revisit dress code rules and requirements.


As a reminder, we have limited spots for BASK. When it is full, it is full. If you sign up for a spot and don't show up or cancel at the last minute, it stiffles the ability for others to use it. We have many families that call asking for a spot and we have to say no. Please be mindful that these are very sought after spots, just like a doctor's appt. If you don't show for a doc appt you are charged a fee for not showing. We are hopeful that we do not have to go this route, but we really want people to think about whether they really need BASK or are just signing up "just in case".

Water Bottles- please remember to bring your own

Please remind your kids to bring their water bottles. We have our "frequent flyers" that constantly ask for water bottles and our supply is now gone.

We are now moving to a new system. They can get a cup from the nurse and get a drink at the fountain. They can not take the water cup back to class, but they can keep the cup and get drinks throughout the day.

We would really like to encourage students to bring their own bottles. We found that some students would ask for a bottle and then loose it and come back and ask for another. Some students just want to get out of class. Some kids just didn't look in their backbacks :0)

Great questions to ask in the morning: Chromebook? Backpack? Waterbottle? Lunch?

High School and Middle School Mountain Bike Racing!

NICA is a national organization that teaches and allows middle and high school kids to race Mountain bikes. Last year was the first year however due to Covid there where no races. This year there will be. The focus is to teach kids how to SAFELY ride a mountain bike and learn the skills needed to race. The goal is to get kids interested in cycling and the community of mountain biking. Jennifer and I are both coaches for the St Charles team with other more qualified and talented coaches. Anton had a blast last year and former Borromeo graduates are also on the team (Goff’s). The race season is in the fall and official start is July first. Kids can start signing up on April 1st and there will be a few preseason events. No mountain bike skill is required; we will teach them. There is a diverse level of skill in the kids last year.

If there are any questions I am happy to field them~ Alex Schuetz (parent of Anton-7th and Andreas-4th)

Summer Camp at Climb So Ill

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Totus Tuus

A wonderful, fun experience for youth entering 1st-6th grade.

Click here to learn more:


Please pray for the reposed soul of the grandpa of Sophia Iadevito.

Please pray for Dan Williamson, gradpa to Dominick and Maks Williamson (PK4)

Please continue to pray for Mrs. Jenkins and her family as they mourn the loss of her husband
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Borromeo Families,

The auction is fast approaching and we need your help! We are in need of event tickets for silent auction. Who has or knows someone with Cardinal tickets, St Louis Blues, The Muny, etc they would like to donate? Please ask away!

As many of you know, this event helps the school as well as the Parish. It is a huge fundraiser that needs your help.

You can email me at kdpflum@gmail if you have any questions. We are so excited about this event!

Thank you!

Kelly Pflum

Who wants to be a Sponsor for our Auction???

We are excited to announce that the auction is still set for April 17, 2021 and it’s going to be one to remember!

Same theme Havana Nights and same fun just in a different virtual way!

More than ever we need everyone’s help in this event to support SCB Parish & School as we kickoff the expansion of our school.

Please see the attached Sponsorship Levels.

We’d be honored to have the opportunity to showcase your business or even family! Please reach out to Tara Bartlett ( if you’re interested or have a business and/or person in mind. As always thank you for all your support.

Raffle Tickets for the Auction

Next week you will receive this letter with the Raffle Tickets from our Auction committee. Please sell as many as you can! Remember, this fundraiser is our main event and we need your help!

Dinner Auction

Dear Borromeo Friends & Family,

As you reflect on the past year, we sure know it has been a different one and as we move into 2021 we are doing our best to plan forward into our St. Charles Borromeo Communities future. Through the tough and even the best times the great news is St. Charles Borromeo Parish continues to grow, and our school has earned a reputation for providing a rigorous academic education in addition to a balanced moral and religious upbringing. Now more than ever, we need your help to continue the traditions of community and academic excellence.

To support our parish and renowned school, the St. Charles Borromeo Parish will be hosting a virtual auction event, “Havana Nights” on Saturday, April 17, 2021. This event is our biennial fundraiser, and we hope that with your support, our parish can continue to support growing families and minds.

With previous St. Charles Borromeo auctions, we have also been able to support the church and parishioners in many different philanthropic needs, in addition to supporting a technology and security fund, which allowed the school to purchase new equipment for the Stem classroom, video technology for all classrooms and enhanced security through the inside and outside of the building. We are also excited to launch our Capital Campaign for the School and Parish expansion.

As a strong supporter of our parish and school, we would love the opportunity to showcase you with a sponsorship or donation to the auction. Your presence and donation will help generate buzz, and hopefully some strong bidding wars to support St. Charles Borromeo!

Please join me in our continued effort to educate the future leaders and support our families in the St. Charles community.

Below are the opportunities we have for sponsorships starting at $100 up to $5000. We have also included the link to purchase tickets to attend the festivities in the comfort of your own home. Please feel free to ask any questions to or

We look forward to having you join us and/or joining us as a sponsor. Sincerely, Jill Kesler & Carrie Hodapp - Auction 2021 Co-Chairs

Purchase TIckets to attend the Virtual Event on 4/17/2021 -

Did you know….

Let's share some details for our "virtual" auction. You might be wondering do I need a ticket? Can I just watch online for free? How does dinner work?

In order to participate and bid on both our silent and live items you will need a ticket. The ticket will be your link to enjoy all the events of the evening we have planned. There will be a live streamed pre-cocktail party, dinner and drinks that you will pick up before the event, sponsor recognition during the event and LIVE streaming to our wonderful returning emcee Venton Blandin! Both silent and live items will open and close at certain times just like when our event was in person.

Don't wait buy your tickets today! This will for sure be an event to remember.

Order your year books now!

It's that time of year! We are opening orders.... don't put it off! Code is on the flier

BASK and Cafe

Where do I find out how much money I owe for BASK and/or cafe?

Go to the home page of FACTS. Then click on "Family" on the left hand side of the the screen. Then Cafe and BASK will appear on the center of that page. You can click on the blue "details" word and that will open up the account. REMEMBER a positive balance indicates that you owe money and a negative balance indicates that you have money in your account.

Please make cafe checks out to FSC or use paypal

Please make BASK checks out to SCB with Bask in the memo.


This can still be found on the main page on FACTS.

As a reminder, we have limited spots for BASK. When it is full, it is full. If you sign up for a spot and don't show up or cancel at the last minute, it stiffles the ability for others to use it. We have many families that call asking for a spot and we have to say no. Please be mindful that these are very sought after spots, just like a doctor's appt. If you don't show for a doc appt you are charged a fee for not showing. We are hopeful that we do not have to go this route, but we really want people to think about whether they really need BASK or are just signing up "just in case".

April BASK:

Nurse Quarando Updates

If your child is sick, please notify Mrs. Quarando at

Nurse Direct Line: 636-946-1373

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Can you help once a month???

We would like to collect food for our Mini Vinnie Program. This program helps feed many families in the Orchard Farm school district. Please help as much as you can!

Apr 19: Grains For Brains: NutriGrain Breakfast Bars, Granola Bars

May 3: It's What For Breakfast: Full Size Boxes of Cereal

Important Dates

New info is Bold.. this is just to help keep you updated.... please look at our google calendar as well.


* April 2-12: Spring Break

* April 14: Guest Speaker about Social Media 7PM gym

* April 17: Virtual Auction

* April 19-Spirit Dress Down Day

* April 22: Confirmation 7PM

* April 24: 1st Communion

* April 26--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 3--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 3-5: 8th Grade Camp

* May 5-7: 6th Grade Camp

* May 7: May Crowning- noon dismiss

* May 10--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 14: Field Day

* May 17--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 24--Spirit Dress Down Day

* May 21: 8th Grade Graduation 7:00 PM

* May 20: 8th Grade Last Day

* May 25: Kindergarten Graduation & Last Day (am TBD)

* May 27: Preschool Last Day

* May 28- Last day- Dismiss at 11!!!!

* May 30- June 1: 10% off Fischer's Uniform Sale!

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Phone Numbers to take note of (and maybe put in your phone)

School: 636-946-2713

School Fax: 636-946-3096

BASK/PK: 636-757-9474

Nurse: 636-946-1373

Parish Office: 636-946-1893

Religious Ed: 636-946-2916

St. Vincent Help Line: 636-925-1616


Thank you for all of the podcast recommendations. I will be sharing them in a separate email for all....
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