Laulima Orientation Video

On-Demand Video for DE Students

Is the new video of Student Laulima Orientation working?

Thank you for helping us get the word out! The new Laulima Orientation video has over 300 hits since the start of semester!

Youtube tells us how many hits...but we value your feedback. If you haven't had a chance to give us a feedback, can you help us measure the impact of this shift from F2F to on-demand video training? (Sorry, this is our second email -- but it's important for us to collect this data for ASSESSMENT so please take a minute to let us know if the video is helpful or not.)

Next week, we will be surveying all current distance education students to solicit their input. Thank you in advance for your response!

-Leanne & Helen

Laulima Video Orientation
The video is at which is also embedded into a comprehensive Student Help webpage. If your students are still struggling with navigating Laulima, please send them to this resource.