The New Frisbee

With Michael and Liam

Our Project

For our 20 Time Project we are doing something we both enjoy. We are redesigning the Frisbee so that first time Frisbee players have an easier time playing.

Why We Wanted to do This Project

We chose this project because we like playing frisbee and we know others do to. Some people have trouble frisbeeing. So we wanted to make somthing that makes it easier.
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Who will benefit

The people who would benefit are people that want to start playing frisbee. Maybe someone who wants to play but needs it to be a little easier.

Goals and Expected Ouctcome

With our project we want to make a frisbee that is more superior and advance than the typical model and also make billions.

Measure our Project

By how much of the frisbee we get done and if it's better than the original frisbee.

If You Want to Want to Know How to Play Frisbee

How To Throw A Backhand | Brodie Smith