come on over to the milky way

we have cats

earth? earth.

earth is the third planet from the sun and the densest planet in the solar system. it is the largest of the solar system's four terrestrial planets and the only astronomical object known to harbor life. although if your coming maybe it it's the only planet that harbors life. we want you to feel welcome here!

earth's looks

upon arriving you will see many masses of land and huge bodies of water! depending on where you land you may see tall buildings or foreign animals. the area of earth's surface is 510,072,000 km squared, it is pretty big! we only have one moon and guess what it's called? the moon, aren't we creative! some unique features earth has is that we have huge bodies of liquid water.

activities on earth

there are so many wonderful things to do on earth, it truly depends on where you land. if you happen to land in a warm place like hawaii, you would want to bring snorkeling gear and a swim suit. if you land in a cold place like the north pole, a ski jacket and snow shoes are the way to go! the most amazing thing we have here on earth is... wal-mart! it is the place to go for everything you need and don't need. the place that i definitely recommend you visit is paris, france. it is simply gorgeous and called the city of romance.

earth, in closing

in closing, please come to the milky way! it is an extremely groovy place and I know you will enjoy it!
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this was created by: livie mccue