The Virginia Colony

By: Wesley Hakanen


Have you ever wondered what the Virginia Colony was like. You can do it here. The first settlers were the Native Americans and their lifestyles. You may have heard of the name Captain John Smith or want to know about Captain John Smith. You can learn about the lifestyle of the people that lived in colonial Virginia. Altogether the Virginia colony is a really cool place if you can get to know it.

The Native Americans (in Virginia)

There were settlers earlier than the colonists. These early settlers were the Native Americans. There were many different tribes that were split up by areas where they lived. The Powhatan and Susquehanna lived in eastern Virginia, while the Monacan and Mana tribes lived in central Virginia. Finally the Cherokee tribes either lived with other tribes or lived to the west in the hilly area of Virginia. Most Native Americans lived in villages. Each village had a farming area which grew pumpkins, melons, corn and tobacco. Men of the village went hunting while the children and wives went to work on the farms. The children did not go to school they observed their elders at work instead of learning with books. All the natives were close to nature so they thought they could reincarnate after death. Opechancanough was the Powhatan tribe leader, he hated the colonist so he started a revolt that killed two thousand two hundred colonist. The Native American's ways may have been different to the ways or even our ways, but they managed to survive and thrive.

Captain John Smith

Captain John Smith did many things before becoming an icon for saving the colonists. John was born in the little village of Willoughby, England. As a young boy he enjoyed reading about knights and dragons in the Middle Ages. Once he tried to sell his text books to raise money to leave his family and travel on the sea, but at the last second his father talked John out of it. When John was sixteen his father died and his mother remarried leaving John out in the world alone. Three years later he went to fight for the British against the Spanish and later he joined Hungary to fight against the Turks. While fighting he was captured by the Turks and made a slave, He then managed to get away by killing his slave master. After the wars he went on an expedition to find riches t the same time colonizing the ''new world''. In Virginia he had many brushes with death. One well known story was when he was stung by a stingray, he had his partners dig a grave for John. When it was all said and done, the stingray ended up on John’s dinner plate. The place where he was stung is now called stingray point. His last accident in Virginia was his gunpowder accident. What happened was when John was packing gunpowder for his musket, his hand slipped and his gun exploded, making him have to go back to Great Britain to recuperate. John never had the chance to go back to the ''new world'' and died a peaceful death at age fifty one.

Plantations in Colonial Virginia

After the colonists settled Virginia, life could be a good or bad thing. This depended on how wealthy you were or how you lived your daily life. Plantation owners were very wealthy while others had to work the plantations. There were very few plantation owners and if you were a plantation owner, some fun activities would be playing card games, horseback riding, hunting and occasionally cock fighting which is when two roosters fight. These games were more for the wealthy than the poor and the most common activity for the wealthy plantation owners was visiting each other. Visiting then wasn't like visiting today. Visiting plantation owners involved living with one family for seven weeks than that family would return to visit the other family for seven weeks. People who worked for the plantation owners had to work all day to feed their families. These workers were either slaves or indentured servant. Altogether the Virginia colony could be a grueling place to live depending on how wealthy you were.


Virginia is a southern colony with a lot of colonial history. Before colonist started thriving the Native Americans were already established. Captain John Smith came to Virginia to get riches while colonizing Virginia. Living in Colonial Virginia you could make a living in farming, farming was like gold to some farm owners. Virginia was a good place to start a new life.


Opechancanough- A Native American tribe leader that hated the colonists.

Reincarnate- To comeback after death as another human.

Turks- A race of people that lives in Turkey.



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