Biomass Info

Advantages & How to Overcome Disadvantages


No Harmful Emissions, creates no harmful carbon dioxide and It's clean energy, it's good for the environment and good for business. Renewable and can never run out as long as there's living things on earth. It can also turn trash into useful energy. With so many living things on the Planet, there is no limit to how many ways it can be found or used.

How to Overcome Disadvantages

It's expensive but you could help make more of it to let the price go down, you just have to take care for and feed the living things. Harmful to the environment by increasing methane gas but doesn't pollute the air as much as the other fuels. It consumes more gas and it can take away some animals homes because of taking the wood from forests but we can take care of the animals by moving them to different places and let the place grow back again, like moving back and forth from one place to another so they can grow back. You'll need a lot of land to burn it and far away from residential homes but we have a lot of land in the U.S that has a lot of huge places without residential homes. It's better because it can be unlimited if we take care of the living things here on earth, it's not like gas or oil that has to be made for a million years. It takes about 15+ years for some trees to be fully grown and we can leave animals alone so the population could grow but not too big so we could get more energy. It'll be good if people don't cut down all the wood on earth because then they'll have to wait about 15 years for them to grow back. They should leave off about 1/3 of the trees and then cut them down after the new ones are fully grown, and just keep doing that so people won't have to wait for trees to grow.