Seeing Stars


When you look up into a night-sky, what do you see? Millions and billions of tiny little lights: stars. But do you know everything about these balls of light in the sky? Probably not. Are those stars you see at night really what you think they are? Even if they are or not, your still seeing stars.

Stars: What Are They?

Everyone knows that stars are those little balls of light in the night-sky, right? They look small, don't they? But they're not! They are actually HUGE! It's just that they're so far away! Also, from here all the stars look white, but they are also red, blue, orange, and yellow as well as white. Okay, so we learned what stars look like, but what are they made of? Stars are just gigantic balls of glowing gasses (hydrogen and helium gasses) that's all they're made of!

The Sun

You now know what stars are, but did you know that the sun is a star too? The only reason it's bigger by the looks of it to us is because it's way closer. The sun is actually many times bigger than the earth and it's one of the smallest stars! Our star (the sun) brings the life to our planet because without the sun, everything would be dead and icy. The sun was formed about five billion years ago and is estimated to burn out in about another five billion years from now because all stars die eventually.

Other Facts

 Here are some other cool facts you might want to know about. When you look at the sky and see stars, that star you're looking at might have burned out long ago but you can still see it now. This is because the stars are so far away from us that it takes the light so long to get here to our eyes. Big stars die in an explosion called a “Supernova”, while older stars become hotter and swell up making that star a red giant. Some stars collapse turning into whats called a “White Dwarf” which is small but hot. The “White Dwarf” then cools off and fades away. The final fact is the five brightest stars seen by earth:                                                                                                                                            1.Sirius     2. Canopus     3.Alpha Centauri     4.Archturus     5.Vega


When you look up into the night-sky, what do you see? Millions and billions of tiny little lights: stars. But they're not tiny or white, they're HUGE and lots of different colours! And when you look up into the daylight, what do you see? A big bright ball: the sun. The star that brings us light. And life. Our closest star. Our star. Seeing stars.